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The convenience fee charged by ATM owner for cardholder to access their cash

Surcharge: The convenience fee charged by ATM owner paid by the cardholder for access their cash
This is how ATM owners make money

  1. Fixed Surcharge:  The most widely used and easiest method to manage is configuring a fixed surcharge per withdrawal. 
    Banks now charge $3 for non-same bank withdrawals so most of our sites now charge $3 "Same as the Banks"
    Some Clubs or special events charge $4-5 per withdrawal
    Some retail outlets prefer to charge “less than the Banks” say $2 or even $1.50 per withdrawal.
    It is the ATM owner’s choice.

    Some retailers like to feature a surcharge lower than the banks: say $1.50 and promote that to attract clients.

  2. Surcharge Percent:  Another frequently used method is to surcharge based on a percentage of the withdrawal amount requested.  

    This way you can recoup a fairer fee for high value withdrawals.

    The average ATM withdrawal across our fleet is $68, some clients take out $20, 40 or $60 a few take out $200 or even the maximum withdrawal of $400 in 1 transaction.

    An example of a percentage based surcharge is setting a charge based on $3 or 2% whichever is greater.

    A $40 withdrawal will be charged a $3 fee

    A $200 withdrawal will be charged $4.
    A $400 withdrawal will be charged $8
    In all cases the cardholder is prompted to accept or decline the fee based on the amount requested per Interac regulations prior to completing the transaction.