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Cardholder client issue

Cardholder client issue: someone used your ATM and has a complaint or problem.

Cardholder issue

Never give a cardholder cash from your till for a dispute. Simply refer them to contact us at 1-877-571-2867 or ATM

They should have their transaction receipt with them and reference the Terminal ID and Seq # (Sequence number), amount requested and amount dispensed.

Note that our system always takes the requested amount from the cardholder’s account after they enter their PIN and accept the surcharge for the withdrawal. Then, 99% of the time the system will reverse or adjust the transaction if for some reason the ATM is no table to dispense the requested amount. The bank account will show a withdrawal form their account and after that a separate credit.

It is very rare for this automatic credit not to occur.

If for some reason the card holder did not get their full requested amount and their receipt does not show a match between Amount dispensed and amount amount taken from their account:

  1. The cardholder should contact us and provide the reference the Terminal ID and Seq # (Sequence number), amount requested and amount dispensed form their receipt. OR

2. the cardholder can take the receipt to their bank and make a Trace Request

Electronic Journal:

The ATM stores records of every transaction in the electronic journal. You can retrieve the transaction record from teh ATM if the cardholder has lost the transaction receipt. Finding and Printing Journal records from a Hyosung ATM