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Plan 3: Rebate repays Buy-in

Plan 3: Rebate repays Buy-in $3899+tax $3/trans + Rebate pays back that cost: 3 Plans to Profits with ATMs

All lead to the same full revenue potential.

Plan 3: Rebate Pay-Back

For our 20th Anniversary we have cooked up an irresistible 1-2-3 offers program that all get you into the maximum profit with ease of choice. All are backed with our “toe in the water” no risk guarantee.

Should your investment not work for you we will refund you your investment deducting only what you made from the ATM.


Model 2700

10” Colour Screen
1000 note capacity
High Speed TCP/IP

An average location now is approximately 128 transaction per month. Being very conservative, for comparison lets show you the bottom line at just 100 transactions per month as an example.

Plan 3: Rebate Pay-Back: $3 + 10% SC rebate paid annually for first 12,000 transactions or 2 years whichever comes first.

  • Maximum profits with kick back to offset the pain of purchase!

  • Benefit from a New ATM!

  • Best choice for higher volume potential locations.

  • $XXXX+tax buy into new ATM repaid by rebates.

  • Recoup $XXXX in 1 YEAR.

  • $3960 annual  revenue

  • Annual rebate pays back monies paid in for ATM by maturity!

  • $3600 annual revenue at maturity. Based on 100 trans/mth example.

  • No “Buy-In” period.

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