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What are my costs to own an ATM?

What are my costs to own an ATM?


Cost of an ATM averages $3,400 -$4,000 CDN for a new ATM and as low as $1800 for a reliable refurbished (Limited availability) 

Shipping, Programming, Installation, Training, Set-Up and Service are all Included in CHC Package Pricing*

Taxes >                       Sorry, the government must be paid.

Electrical power >       Nominal, about same as 100W bulb, regular 120V outlet.

Communication >    Ideally you can use your high speed internet for free.
Optional cellular ATM modems are available for monthly fee of $27

ATMs can use regular phone lines but they must be dedicated so
cost and slow speed make this the last choice.

Cash Filling               Not really a cost See Cash Filling
                                   Cash filling services are available for a fee

Insurance                  Typically covered on business policy. 
                                    You should speak with your broker.

What are steps to own an ATM?

Profit Projections of an ATM?

What are Benefits to having an ATM?

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